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Running since 1993

CGers Design Engineering Manufacturing is established in Belgium. Hans Segers founded this innovative company as a design consultancy. In 2008, CGers moved to the former mine site in Heusden-Zolder. This expansion was necessary to guarantee better quality and meet the growing market demand.  CGers’ main activities are design, manufacture, assembly, and testing of machines and products. We mainly work with stainless steel and aluminium. As a result, CGers’ customers mainly operate in pharmaceuticals, the food, and aviation industries. At CGers, quality is part of the production process, from the design study onwards down to the delivery of the documents.


Our professionalism

We design and build machines and products in consultation with our customers. We always have a single point of contact, the party who holds final responsibility. We value direct communication. Our customers appreciate the direct contact.

We specialize in stainless steel and aluminium machines and products. CGers supplies quality products and documents. The engineering department offers support to the experienced and expert employees on the shop floor. We value well-being and a healthy working atmosphere, taking the human and environmental dimensions into account, from the design until the end product. As a group, we closely work with our customers and suppliers. Every one of our departments strives for the best quality. We believe in an efficient, reliable, and high-quality partnership.  We prefer short, direct communication lines between the client and the party with final responsibility. Everything starts with a good preparation. Our Development and Production Departments discuss every aspect. Our software can handle any production process. All our processes are founded on a combination of theory and practice. CGers is a design, engineering, and production company.

Why Cooperate with us

Because we co-engineer your machine and products. We build your machines with our enthusiastic team. We often are our customers’ calling card. CGers is more of a partner than a supplier.

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